Prayers for Schools
for a Good Education

to Into Your Hands

Blessing of a School

Father of truth and wisdom, we thank You for making us so wonderfully
and for endowing them with the limitless capacity for intellectual,
experiential, and moral learning.
We thank You for sending your Son as the Teacher par excellence
to teach us the way to You. He instructed a group of unlettered disciples
and sent them out to teach all nation. He taught them so well that they
eloquently spread his teaching throughout the world of their day.
Bless this school and all who pass through its halls of learning.
May its teachers be filled with love and skilled in imparting true knowledge.
May its students be open-minded and imbibe the teachings with joy and eagerness.
May this school always be the home of truth and wisdom,
faith and good will toward all, helping to build up our community
and your kingdom of justice, love, and peace. We ask this
in the Name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Successful Lifelong Learning

Heavenly Father, your knowledge is infinite and You have given human beings
a wonderful capacity to learn on every level: practical, social, cultural,
intellectual, and so on. Bless all institutions of learning and all teachers
as well as students. Grant to them all as well as to me a dedication to true
knowledge, a true love of learning, and a capacity to continue to learn
through life, until they arrive at the knowledge of You, and your Son,
Jesus, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For Public or Private Schools: General Prayer

Heavenly Father, ignite our schools with Your Holy Spirit. May there be such a move of Your grace and power in our nation's school systems that alcohol, drugs, guns, pornography, and illicit sexual activity cease to be issues. Turn the hearts of students toward You. Open their eyes and hearts and minds, that they may see what is really important in life. Dissipate the anger in children who lash out at others, bullying them or ridiculing them. Make our schools safe places to be, with an atmosphere that encourages our children to abide by the Golden Rule. Infuse wisdom and understanding in the schools' instructors, that they may teach our children effectively. Help our principals, deans, and all school administrators make decisions about school policy and discipline that are just and good. I humbly pray that You send Your Spirit into the hearts and minds of legislators and justices who make laws and rulings that directly affect eductation. Help them to realize that we have freedom of religion in this great nation, and that our first amendment should also apply to our schools. I pray that one day soon our children will be allowed to pray at public schools, expressing their faith not only by actions, but also by words. Lord, our schools, in many ways, shape our children as they grow into adulthood. While we can teach them at home or in Church about spiritual matters and faith in You, it isn't enough. If we continue to keep You out of our schools, we in a sense are showing our children that You should be left at home or only in a Church, not going with them throughout their daily activities. Help us all, as parents or teachers, to get the message through to our children that You are with us always, and everywhere they go. Amen.

For our Educational System

O Lord, I pray for all those who are in authority in our national educational system. I pray that the decisions they make would be by Your guidance. Please help those in authority see that "separation of Church and state" does not mean godless education. May there be such a revival in our nation that those in power must acquiesce in that which is right in Your sight. May our goal be not only to understand the students, but to bring them to understanding both on a moral and intellectual level. Cause our educational system to be preeminent in the world, and may discipline and respect be restored to our nation's schools. May the standard of excellence be restored in our institutions of learning so that our educators would be prepared to pass on this spirit of excellence. Amen.

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