Prayers for Caregivers

to Whatsoever You Do

A Caregiver's Prayer

O kind and merciful Son of God, come to us now as we pray for (name of the ill person). Wrap him/her in Your blanket of love, ease the anguish that this sickness brings, and fill him/her heart with serenity and peace.

Jesus, You were always compassionate to those who knew suffering and pain. You know the frailty of the human spirit when faced with the difficult challenge of living with an affliction beyond control.

Let your healing love bring endurance, and your power overcome despair that (name of the ill person)'s faith in You may not weaken. Lord, we rely on Your promise of eternal love, on this day and all days to come. Amen.

Prayer Service for a Meeting of Those Called to Minister to the Sick

Leader: During this day, we gather together to celebrate the healing and caring in which we all participate. Our hands represent the care we both give and receive. Particularly in our ministry to the sick, we have had wonderful opportunities to nurture and support each other in different ways. Each of us has found different paths and challenges during our visits to those in hospitals, nursing homes, and shut-ins from our parishes. Each of us will experience different ministries and opportunities in the year to come. We are included in intimate moments of people's lives. Let us celebrate the calling we have received and the work that we do. With God's help, we truly can bring comfort, healing, and care to His people.

Scripture: (2 Corinthians 1: 3 - 4)
Praise be to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Prayer: O God, You have created us in love and saved us in mercy. Shower Your blessings on all of us gathered here in Your Name.

All Respond: Thank You, God, for bringing us to this place today. It is good and right for us to be here. Unite us in spirit with those who could not join us physically, but who are present in our hearts as we are in theirs. Restore our spirits, rekindle our fire, and renew our energy. Help us in the work that we do, and keep us in the Palm of Your Hand forever. Amen.

Invitation: Please stand and join hands for our final blessing.

Leader: From the work that we do, we know that true caring is a blessing and seldom flows only in one direction. The people who receive our care do more than just receive; they give to us as well. We receive their love and appreciation, their gratitude and prayers, and their welcoming embraces. They may offer us their wisdom, or cheer, or gratitude, or honesty. They often share their home, their courage, and their faith. Receive this blessing and be open to all the blessings that come to you even in packages that at first you may not recognize as blessings.

All Respond: Every blessing praises God and prays for His gifts. We pray that we may be able to use God's gifts according to the spirit of the Gospel. Blessed be the ties that bind our hearts in the work of God: loving, blessing, and healing each other. Amen.

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