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Each of us knows there must be balance between God, nature, and technology in order to heal our bodies.  In our search for that balance, we may take many roads. In our search for healing, we may find that our personal definition of "healing" may change. We discover that there are many forms of health....And, losing physical abilities does not discount our capacity to be spiritually healthy, nor does it exclude opportunities for our futures or require us to be less than who we really are.

One thing is certain: Developing an incurable, chronic illness will change your life. You will never be the same. I know that I am not. And, even though my body is not better than ever, I know that I am better than I ever have been! In losing my career, my hobbies, and my assumed identity all due to illness, I found much more.... I found my true self, and peace with God. I discovered the redemptive value of suffering and my purpose in God's plan.

Where to turn and Who can help....

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Join a "Catholics with Chronic Illnesses Support Group" : Share with others your experiences, talk about the frustrations you are feeling, chat about some treatments you have tried that worked/didn't work, and add your own prayer requests. Discuss how your faith sustains you in your suffering.

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Please join the "Ora Pro Nobis" Catholic prayer group. Prayer requests, posting a favorite prayer, and prayer chat are all welcome. This is a place for those who need prayers as well as those who desire to pray for others. Everyone is invited to participate in our prayer group.





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